5 Ways to Prevent “Pool Hair”

We’ve all been there: you’ve been swimming in the pool all day and when you get out, your hair is knotted and brittle and it takes forever to get a comb through it.  Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough de-tangler in the world that will fix your problem.  Luckily there are a few tricks that you can try to help you combat these summer woes.

1. Optimizer Plus®

There’s a reason this product from BioGuard® is #1 on the list: it’s the best way to protect your hair.  It was originally used in the Olympic swimming pools for both water softness and clarity.  It works like a conditioner for your hair and skin and will leave both feeling soft after a long day of swimming.  Another great thing about it is that it’s a one-time addition to the water and will last you from year to year.

2. Wet your hair before getting in the pool.  

Think of your hair like a sponge.  There’s only so much water a sponge will hold; same goes for your hair.  If it’s already wet, then it will absorb less of the chlorinated water and save you a bit of a headache later on.  Do NOT shampoo it before diving in though, because that could strip away the natural oils that act as a shield against the chlorinated water.

3. Try a conditioning mask.

This goes along the same lines of wetting your hair but this is a trick used by celebrity hair stylists.  All you need is a large spray bottle and a wire whisk.  Mix 4 tablespoons of your favorite conditioning mask into 4 cups of warm water.  Use the whisk to make sure you break up all the chunks of conditioner.  Pour that mixture into your spray bottle and shake it up some more, for good measure.  Once you arrive at the pool, drench your hair with the spray before jumping into the water.  It’s also a good idea to tie your hair back in a bun or braid to avoid some nasty tangles later on.

4. Opt for All-Natural Remedies

Before going in the pool, you can try treating your hair with natural oils like jojoba or coconut to help seal the hair cuticles and create a barrier from the chlorine.  If you’ve already gone in, try using apple cider vinegar, which acts as a natural clarifier.  Clarifiers help to remove any buildup in your hair like chlorine or dirt.  Just mix one part vinegar to four parts water and pour over your hair after it’s been washed.  Then you’ll want to rinse it out again to avoid your hair smelling like a salad.

5. Rinse & Repeat.

Sounds like an obvious solution but when you get out of the pool, go and rinse off in the shower.  Now is when you should definitely wash your hair (maybe with a clarifying shampoo.)  The quicker you get the chlorine out of your hair, the better.

What are some of your favorite remedies to prevent “pool hair”?






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