Is SoftSwim the Best Chemical Program for you?

Yesterday, we took a look at the weekly 3-step chlorine program from BioGuard, so today we will dive deep into the world of SoftSwim.

SoftSwim is a non-chlorine sanitizing system from BioGuard.  If you have heard of baquacil or biguanide, it’s the same general idea.  It’s great for those people who have an allergy to chlorine or just prefer a non-chlorine system.   All of the same chemicals that you would use to balance pH or alkalinity are compatible with SoftSwim.  It is very important to remember, however, that chlorine and SoftSwim DO NOT MIX.  If you add chlorine to a SoftSwim pool or vice versa, you will find yourself with something that looks more like a swamp in your back yard than a pool.

SoftSwim can be used with any pool surface type in both above-ground and in-ground pools.  It is not recommended for pools larger than 25,000 gallons, though.  SoftSwim does just what the name suggests: it makes the water feel softer for swimming!  It’s amazing how nice your hair and skin feel after swimming in the biguanide pool.  Perhaps the only thing simpler than 1-2-3 is A-B-C…but let me explain.  Let’s go through the steps.

image_softswim_aStep A: Prevent Algae Growth

The first step in keeping your pool crystal clear and algae-free is by using an algaecide.  “A” is great to use every other week to inhibit any algae from growing.  It won’t evaporate due to direct sunlight and it works harder in high temperatures, so don’t worry about cranking up that heater!

Step B: Sanitize to Kill Bacteriaimage_softswim_b

Just as chlorine is your sanitizer in a chlorine pool, “B” is your sanitizer in a non-chlorine pool.  It contains biguanide, which was originally developed as a pre-surgery microbial scrub so you know it’s effective when it comes to killing germs and bacteria.  It is only added as needed but it is one of the most important steps in your A-B-C program (at least it’s in the top 3, anyway.)  It’s powerful, yet gentle on your eyes, skin and hair.

image_softswim_cStep C: Oxidize and Clarify for Sparkling Clear Water

C” is effectively your shock for a SoftSwim pool.  It is a pure form of hydrogen peroxide and generally should be added once a month to maintain your water clarity.  It has a built-in stabilizer so it lasts longer in the water and won’t burn off easily in hot weather.  “C” works great to eliminate body oils, lotions, sweat or any other undesirable contaminants that could dim your sparkle.

As with any other product, there are pros and cons.  It can be a bit more expensive to start up in the beginning of the season than a chlorine pool.  There can be other more stubborn types of algae that affect SoftSwim pools, particularly pink algae.  As with chlorine, the best way to get rid of stubborn algae is shock or in this case, “C“.

Or if you don’t want to read, you can just skip right to the video.

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